Welcome to my blog!


My name is Benita and I am a Texas transplant currently living in Oakland, CA.

My love for beading started in 2009 — I took a basic stringing class and have been addicted ever since.  With my addiction, I have accumulated a lot of beads and subsequently a lot of unfinished bead projects and ideas.  Whether you call them WIP’s or UFO’s it all amounts to one thing – Unfinished Beadness!   One Santa Claus earring from 3 years ago — check!    A tubular herringbone lariat you started 4 years ago that’s just 3 inches long – check!  Random Tupperware and sandwich bags full of bead collections for that one thing that you wanted to make – double check!

So, I created this blog as a way of working on my unfinished beadwork assignments, working on new ones and trying new techniques.  I’ll share my successes, failures and a-has.  I hope you’ll share yours with me, too.  🙂

December 2013 I opened my ETSY store … come see me!




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