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So, I have gotten myself stuck in a right proper beading rut!  I have not completed a jewelry project in almost 4 weeks.  FOUR WEEKS!   Quelle horreur!

There is a quote I have seen many places on the web attributed to Ernest Hemingway.  When asked what was the most frightening thing he’s ever encountered, Hemingway replied, “A blank sheet of paper.”  Speaking from experience, this is the same as an empty bead board.

bead board

Scary isn’t it?

With bouts of creative insecurities, extended work hours and an unexpected trip to Texas, I lost my groove.

So, I took to the web for assistance.  There are several articles on the web regarding creative ruts and getting “unstuck”.  There’s even an app for that – Unstuck.

One article I found, “What to Do When You Lose Your Mojo to Create” is pretty good.  The writer gives 16 suggestions on how to get your mojo back, such as changing your workspace, perusing bead magazines and buying new supplies.  I chose lucky number 13 on the list – learn a new technique.

A few days ago, on a whim, I decided to take a class at my local bead store, Blue Door Beads.  Just the activity of choosing a color way was enough to get the creative juices flowing again.  Also, I can always find inspiration when hanging out with fellow beaders.

Here are my Delica Dangle Earrings from the class.

delica dangles

What do you do to get your groove back?