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Behind the Blue Door

We posted a blog recently regarding what makes a gemstone valuable, and we touched upon several popular gemstones that are becoming exceedingly rare due to their scarcity in the world. Our inner rock hounds wanted to dig a little deeper (pun intended), and so we continued our quest to find out more about other rare gemstones. Although there’s a good chance we may never see most of these in person, we can at least enjoy looking at pretty pictures and brushing up on fun gemstone facts!

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1. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Location found: Globe, Arizona

The Sleeping Beauty mine is known for its high-quality turquoise: a solid, light blue color with no matrix. Although the mine was once one of the largest in North America, yielding about 1600 pounds of turquoise a month, the gemstone supply is slowly being depleted. Due to its rarity, flawless pieces of…

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