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Happy Earth Day!

How did you celebrate Earth Day?  I celebrated by implementing a personal energy conservation plan (uh, yeah – lying on the couch watching Hulu).

In honor of Earth Day, I searched the web for jewelry sellers and DIY-ers who use recycled or reclaimed materials.  Here are three of my favorites from Etsy.

PaperMelon – Jewelry made from recycled paper and cardboard

papermelon necklace

LesCreationsdAna – Jewelry made from vinyl records

vinyl record earrings

StayGoldMaryRose – Jewelry made from reclaimed vintage bone china

teacup bangles

There are countless numbers of sellers and artists upcycling, recycling and repurposing materials.  Whatever you can think of, I am certain someone in the world has figured out a way to reuse it — metals of all kinds, plastic bags, cups, computer components, CDs, bullets, textiles, etc.

One man’s trash truly is another man’s treasure!