It became painfully clear to me as I was sitting at my work table a few days ago … I have a disorder known as P.B.A.D.D. – Pretty Bead Attention Deficit Disorder.  In the time it took me to make one necklace, I could have, realistically, completed 3 other projects start to finish.

I noticed that whenever I would start looking for something I needed for the piece I was making, I would run across something else … “oooh that’s pretty”, “that color combo is nice”, “maybe I should use this and make …”  Now, I am off in another direction and completely away from what I was originally doing.  And I kept doing it!  

As the day went on (and I kept getting sidetracked),  I slowly started to realize the pitfalls of 1) not having an organized workspace and 2) not having a game plan when I sit down at my work table.

Now, I know there are times when it is great to just sit down and play.  I do that  — just sit down and play with different beads, color combinations and techniques.  However, this particular time I sat down at my worktable to work on a specific project.   

What will help me going forward is to make a sketch of what i’m going to make and list needed materials.  Plans can always be updated as I work … I just need a plan to begin with.

Another tool I am implementing is a project schedule – a schedule that sets aside time for making jewelry for sale and for playing and trying new techniques.  Also I have added in time for other non-jewelry crafting projects. 

In combination with having a game plan, this schedule should keep me on track and allow me plenty of time for playing.

How do you stay on track with your projects?