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Lately, I have been obsessed fascinated by spikes.  

1-19-14 pic1

Saw these spikes at my local bead store and thought they would look really cute with some pink and violet crystals and pearls.  The spikes are 30 mm long from the loop.  The chain I have pictured is the right size to complement the spikes but I think I’d like to get a chain with uniform loops throughout – like a rolo.  This means I get have to go to the bead store.  Oh darn!

1-19-14 pic2

These antique brass spikes are 10 mm long.  I think the rounded top adds a bit more interest.

1-19-14 pic3

I made this bracelet a few months ago using 15 mm daggers.  They add a lot of movement to this wrist wrap.  I’m thinking of making another one with spikes to give it a bit more edge. … ’cause the skeleton button isn’t enough.  😉

A search in ETSY for spike jewelry yields a LOT of fun and interesting pieces.

I’ll be adding my take on spike jewelry to my ETSY store soon.