A little over a week ago, I got a chance to participate in my first jewelry show!  It was sponsored by Blue Door Beads here in Oakland.  Click here for original blog post introducing the Jewelry Collective.

While the show itself was amazing and fun, the preparation for it was nerve-wrecking, hectic and all-consuming.

I stopped reading mail (snail mail and email) and all household chores fell by the wayside.  No blogging, no social media and I got behind on my favorite TV Shows (the real tragedy).  I also think I may have missed a couple of appointments – I have no idea.

Having never participated in a show before I second guessed myself about EVERYTHING.  What should I display?  Should I display jewelry that I have already made?  Should I make all new pieces?  How should I display my pieces?  What should I wear?  What if my designs are not good enough?  What if I don’t finish in time?  What if a piece breaks?  Blah, blah, blah … insert every confidence defeating question or statement here.

However, even with all the questions and second guessing — I kept going.  My reward was having a great experience at the show and knowing I have the full support of friends and family.

The show was great.  Besides getting a chance to speak with customers, chatting with the other artists was inspirational.  Everyone’s jewelry was different and the artist’s were at different stages in their jewelry making career/business.  Advice was happily and freely given … and gladly taken.

This show was a turning point for me. I have been beading for about 5 years and until now, I have been really shy about showing my jewelry.  I rarely wear my own jewelry.  If I happened to wear something I made and got asked about it, my response was always rather subdued and dismissive.  I was never really comfortable talking about it.  Even though I received compliments, it’s like I never really believed it.

Now, since the pre-show prep and The Show, I am more excited and encouraged about my beading and sharing it with others.

BDB Jewelry Collective

“Yes, I made this!”