Stuck in a rut!


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So, I have gotten myself stuck in a right proper beading rut!  I have not completed a jewelry project in almost 4 weeks.  FOUR WEEKS!   Quelle horreur!

There is a quote I have seen many places on the web attributed to Ernest Hemingway.  When asked what was the most frightening thing he’s ever encountered, Hemingway replied, “A blank sheet of paper.”  Speaking from experience, this is the same as an empty bead board.

bead board

Scary isn’t it?

With bouts of creative insecurities, extended work hours and an unexpected trip to Texas, I lost my groove.

So, I took to the web for assistance.  There are several articles on the web regarding creative ruts and getting “unstuck”.  There’s even an app for that – Unstuck.

One article I found, “What to Do When You Lose Your Mojo to Create” is pretty good.  The writer gives 16 suggestions on how to get your mojo back, such as changing your workspace, perusing bead magazines and buying new supplies.  I chose lucky number 13 on the list – learn a new technique.

A few days ago, on a whim, I decided to take a class at my local bead store, Blue Door Beads.  Just the activity of choosing a color way was enough to get the creative juices flowing again.  Also, I can always find inspiration when hanging out with fellow beaders.

Here are my Delica Dangle Earrings from the class.

delica dangles

What do you do to get your groove back?



Rare Gemstones from Around the World


Pretty pictures indeed!

Originally posted on Behind the Blue Door:

We posted a blog recently regarding what makes a gemstone valuable, and we touched upon several popular gemstones that are becoming exceedingly rare due to their scarcity in the world. Our inner rock hounds wanted to dig a little deeper (pun intended), and so we continued our quest to find out more about other rare gemstones. Although there’s a good chance we may never see most of these in person, we can at least enjoy looking at pretty pictures and brushing up on fun gemstone facts!

Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of

1. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Location found: Globe, Arizona

The Sleeping Beauty mine is known for its high-quality turquoise: a solid, light blue color with no matrix. Although the mine was once one of the largest in North America, yielding about 1600 pounds of turquoise a month, the gemstone supply is slowly being depleted. Due to its rarity, flawless pieces of…

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Happy Earth Day!


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Happy Earth Day!

How did you celebrate Earth Day?  I celebrated by implementing a personal energy conservation plan (uh, yeah – lying on the couch watching Hulu).

In honor of Earth Day, I searched the web for jewelry sellers and DIY-ers who use recycled or reclaimed materials.  Here are three of my favorites from Etsy.

PaperMelon – Jewelry made from recycled paper and cardboard

papermelon necklace

LesCreationsdAna – Jewelry made from vinyl records

vinyl record earrings

StayGoldMaryRose – Jewelry made from reclaimed vintage bone china

teacup bangles

There are countless numbers of sellers and artists upcycling, recycling and repurposing materials.  Whatever you can think of, I am certain someone in the world has figured out a way to reuse it — metals of all kinds, plastic bags, cups, computer components, CDs, bullets, textiles, etc.

One man’s trash truly is another man’s treasure!


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